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After signing up for Geocaching we found our first cache "Here be Dragons" at the Corris Craft Centre just 0.6 miles away from our front door. Of course, after that we had to have our own cache ( Confusing Directions ). This was established on Tuesday 27th September 2011.

We have good relations with the local forestry and along with the mountain bike trail organisers, rally organisers and tourism organisations are developing a must visit location in Mid Wales.




.....This is amazing , has to have a fav point , realised what I needed to do to. The next bit of the puzzle was easy but amazing , wish my lazy 5 & 13 year old would have left the motorhome to come and see this. A well thought out cache at the head of a beautiful valley., only wish we had time for a drink. Thank you so so much for the carefully and lovely put together cache

.....A very well thought out and clever cache with an amazing second stage. TFTC which certainly gets another fav point from us and we took the tb.

..... Great cache, beautiful location. We stayed at the bunk house which is amazing for the mountain biking in the nearby forests

70 favourite points

.....loved the sign and the final hiding place. This is one of our favourite caches that we have ever found, thank you so much

.....Wow!!....What a cute little cache

.....must say this is our favourite by far and the geokids loved it

.....What a fantastic cache

.....My first chache! A lot to live up to. Love the fairy house

.....found it with my family during our trip to Bangor (North Wales). Fantastic one - I should give it 5 favorites but I can give only one. We enjoyed very well. Thank you very much.

.....Wow! We finished a tough leg of the Lon Las Cymru (From Caernarvon) to the bunkhouse (and inn) we are staying at. Obviously my priorities after a long ride were ... Food? Shower? Change of clothes? No. Having been forced to zoom past a number of caches on the way or risk slowing down the group, I was glad of the opportunity of a very nearby cache. And what a cache! I solve the first part of the puzzle easily and began wandering around to find the second. After a while I did and it is definitely the most beautiful GZ I've seen! Inside was a well stocked cache and I took nothing and left a travelbug. Thanks. Great cache. Great bunkhouse and great inn!

.....So here we were driving through after a while up on the Mach loop, pea soup it was on Monday 22nd. No aircraft at all. So yes driving past and woah!!!! It hit me like a bus, this is it!!! This is that cache, the one I heard about. So with much excitement the kids were out the car into the pouring rain in a flash!! It's brilliant!! I love it

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"Corris lies in the centre of Outdoor Heaven and The Braich is in the centre of Corris"

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